In-Person Events

May 29 – June 1 — ThrillerFest, New York City


May 29, 9:30 AM CraftFest workshop: “Breaking in by Finding Your Voice”


May 31, 9 AM panel: GASLIGHTING, INTIMIDATION OR STALKING? Psychological Thrillers with Samantha M. Bailey, Alex Finlay, Robyn Harding, and Kate White


June 1, 8 AM panel: FARMHOUSE, CHALET OR CONDO? Why Setting Matters with Carinn Jade, William Jensen, Vera Kurian, and Tony Wirt


August 22 – 25 — Killer Nashville, Nashville, TN, Guest of Honor


August 28 – September 1 — Bouchercon, Nashville, TN

Virtual Events

March 3 – The Back Room: Super Suspense! with Heather Gudenkauf, Gregg Hurwitz, Tracy Sierra, Nalini Singh


March 17 – The Back Room: Historical Fiction with James R. Benn, Avery Cunningham, Robin Oliveira, Heather Webb 


April 7 – The Back Room: Riveting Stories! with Erin E. Adams, Lisa Gardner, Karen E. Olson, Carter Wilson 


April 21 – The Back Room: Best Spring Fiction, Part One with Rene Denfeld, Paul Doiron, Nick Medina, Robin Peguero 


May 5 – The Back Room: Twisty Suspense! with Ashley Elston, Michael Koryta, K.T. Nguyen, Kaira Rouda 


May 26 – The Back Room: Best Spring Fiction, Part Two with Janie Chang, Sally Hepworth, Vanessa Miller, Sara Paretsky