In Person Events

June 1 – 4 – ThrillerFest – New York, New York

June 1 – CraftFest lecture – “Six Things I Learned From Writing My Breakout Book”

June 3 – “Big Screen, Small Screen, or Netflix?” with Karin Slaughter, Alex Finlay, Mark Greaney, Isabella Maldonado, Matthew Quirk, Veronica Roth

September 8 – 11 – Bouchercon – Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 4 – “Southwest Michigan Reads” – Van Buren Michigan Library. Details to come.

Virtual Events

June 12 РBack Room event with Katie Gutierrez, William Martin, Hannah Mary McKinnon, Riley Sager

June 26 – Back Room event with Alex Finlay, Gar Anthony Haywood, Chris Pavone, David Yoon

July 10 – Back Room event with David Ellis, Dervla McTiernan, Paula Munier, Alex Segura

July 17 – Back Room event with Linda Castillo, Kirstin Chen, Brian Freeman, Kate White

August 7 – Back Room event with Meg Gardiner, Megan Miranda, Rochelle Weinstein, Shanora Williams

August 21 – Back Room event with Alma Katsu, Chris Holm, Bianca Marais, Peng Shepherd

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