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More Behind-the-Scenes Movie Pics!

Daisy Ridley recently posted an assortment of behind the scenes pictures from The Marsh King’s Daughter movie to…

Director announces movie is “really and truly done”

Director Neil Burger recently posted photos of the movie’s title screen and cast list.

Marsh King’s Daughter Movie Pics!

Photos of the filming locations and the post-production process from the director, the cinematographer, and the editorial assistant.

Reel Beach: The Marsh King’s Daughter wraps up filming

Most of the psychological thriller The Marsh King’s Daughter takes place in the wilderness, but scenes were filmed last month at Kimberley School and Community Centre 55.

Caledon couple moves into hotel while psycho-thriller starring Rey from Star Wars films at house

Heather and Frank Lester moved out of their house on Boston Mills earlier this month to allow production crews in to film a psycho-thriller movie, The Marsh King’s Daughter.

Hollywood thriller The Marsh King’s Daughter filming at Ken Reid Conservation Area

Hollywood is coming to the Ken Reid Conservation Area north of Lindsay this month during filming of the upcoming suspense thriller The Marsh King’s Daughter.

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