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More Behind-the-Scenes Movie Pics!

Daisy Ridley recently posted an assortment of behind the scenes pictures from The Marsh King’s Daughter movie to…

The Wicked Sister is a Michigan Notable Book!

Each year, the Michigan Notable Book list sponsored by the Library of Michigan features 20 books published during…

Director announces movie is “really and truly done”

Director Neil Burger recently posted photos of the movie’s title screen and cast list.

Marsh King’s Daughter Movie Pics!

Photos of the filming locations and the post-production process from the director, the cinematographer, and the editorial assistant.

An evening with Karen Dionne

Cynthia Canty, formerly of Michigan Public Radio, interviews Karen for the National Writers Series Virtual Summer Series.

How to Use Facts in Your Fiction

Details, details. You need them to make your story believable, but too many can drag your plot to a halt. Here’s how to strike that just-right balance of fact in your fiction.

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